Recently after a particularly challenging day I decided to spend a relaxing evening at home with a nice cocktail. I’d heard good things about the Hurricane so I eagerly searched online for recipes but ended up with so many options. I spent the next half hour sorting through the different recipes narrowing my selection down to 5 variations of the hurricane. This is where I was stumped; reviews for the five drinks were good and were simple enough to make but I couldn’t make a choice. What to do? What to do? The answer – Hurricane taste testing!

I settled on five variations of the drink – Passion Fruit Hurricane, New Orleans Hurricane, Skinny Hurricane, Classic Hurricane and the Texas Hurricane. After gathering all the ingredients I set off on my tasting experiment – first on the list, the Passion Fruit Hurricane.

Passion Fruit Hurricane


I’m a fan of passion fruit so this drink immediately caught my eye. The recipe was not too complicated – the most difficult ingredient to get is passion fruit. This version calls for the actual fruit but I used a small amount of concentrate. Passion fruit concentrate is a little on the pricier side but because I like using it in my drinks it was a worthwhile investment. If passion fruit is not available use passion fruit juice instead.

This cocktail has a beautiful blood orange color and goes down smoothly. Make no mistake, this is a strong drink but it’s not overwhelming. The passion fruit and grenadine add a slightly sweet taste that goes well with the citrusy flavor the lime juice adds.

Bottom Line: A good drinks that balances sweet and citrusy flavors.

New Orleans Hurricane


The name of this drink caught my eye and I was interested in seeing how lemon line soda would mix with some of the other customary Hurricane ingredients. This cocktail was also easy to prepare and was ready in no time, I omitted the 151 proof rum mainly because it’s strong taste tends to be overwhelming.

Upon tasting, I first noticed the lemon/lime flavor from the soda – I was not too sweet though and overall made the drink feel light and refreshing, almost like a spritzer. I could see myself having this on a warm, summer evening – ideally at the beach.

Bottom line: It’s a refreshing drink that doesn’t make you feel like you are drinking a cocktail – ideal on a night when you just want a good, light drink.

Skinny Hurricane

Skinny-Hurricane-Cocktail-2Likely a product of Bethany Frankel’s ‘skinny’ movement, this drink’s name and promise of being lite on the calorie side caught my attention. This drink is probably the easiest of the five to make since it includes ingredients that could already be in your fridge or pantry.

While I was curious about the drink I expected it to have a ‘diet’ taste but was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be pretty good. It’s a tart, light and complex cocktail that goes down smoothly – and flavors produced from the combination of orange and cranberry juice is probably the best thing about this cocktail.


Bottom line: A good cocktail that does not taste like a ‘diet’ drink. It’s especially good if you prefer tart drinks.

Classic Hurricane


I couldn’t have a proper tasting without including the classic version. This one of the more complicated drinks to make as it requires ten ingredients but is worthwhile for a special occasion or dinner party.

This version has the most exotic flavors of the group – it is quite sweet and has a strong tropical feel. The pineapple juice makes very easy to drink – it’s almost like drinking a tropical fruit juice. Although not noticeable at first, this is a pretty strong drink and can sneak up on you.

Bottom line: Exotic variation of the Hurricane, especially good if you like things on the sweeter side.

Texas Hurricane


Have you ever hear the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas”? It certainly applies to this version of the Hurricane. This version involves the highest amount of spirits and reminded me of a Long Island Tea.

Initially I thought this cocktail would have a strong, overwhelming taste of liquor but I was very surprised to find that this is not the case. It is a potent drink that mixes well with the sweeter ingredients like grenadine and pineapple juice. You definitely know you are drinking a something strong but it’s not overwhelming – it’s nicely balanced between strong and easy to drink.

Bottom line: A strong, well balanced drink with an nice combination of flavors.

At the end of my impromptu Hurricane taste testing I was able to settle on the version I like the most. My favorite of these five was the Texas Hurricane – it’s a strong drink but has the best mix of flavors. I guess you can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take Texas out of the girl.

Be safe and enjoy your drinks!