I am an advocate of celebrating every and all holidays, after all they give us an opportunity to rest, relax, commemorate the occasion and of course, enjoy some libations. Cinco de Mayo is no exception but this year instead of grabbing some Coronas and serving guacamole with tortilla chips and calling it a party, I decided to elevate the festivities. The drink of choice was easy – margaritas, specifically the Fresh Watermelon Margarita and of course, the Classic Margarita but the food that would accompany them was another story. In the end I settled on guacamole with homemade chips and mini chicken flautas.

The Food

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo I invited my 2 favorite co-workers, who shall be known as Snowflake and Billy Goat from now on, for a low key evening with some good food and drinks. I made the food before my guests arrived. This was my first attempt at making homemade tortilla chips and my takeway from this experience is to make sure the oil is at very high temperature – while the chips I made were tasty they could have benefited from frying at a higher temperature. Making guacamole is second nature to me – I follow my mom’s recipe and make sure to make it with love, that according to my mom is the best technique in any recipe. The mini chicken flautas we relatively easy to make and what I learned from this experience was that it might be better to bake these instead of frying them to make for a healthier alternative.

IMG_3822_Guac      IMG_3817

The Drinks

On to the good stuff, where the magic happens. As I mentioned, for this evening we would be sampling the Classic Margarita and the Fresh Watermelon Margarita. Now whenever you make a margarita from scratch you should factor in the time to extract the fresh juices you need. I would say that was the most labor intensive part of this process – other than that we made both margaritas relatively quickly and here were the results:

Classic Margarita

Snowflake:            Silence
Billy Goat:              “It’s not bad, it’s not missing anything.”
Bear:                       “A little lemony.”


Fresh Watermelon Margarita

Snowflake:            “It tastes like dinosaurs resurrected and cried dino tears in my cup.”
Billy Goat:              “It’s a little bit like watermelon PopRocks going off in my mouth.”
Bear:                       “So many different tastes and very refreshing.”


The Outcome

While it’s not immediately obvious, the Fresh Watermelon Margarita was the clear winner of the evening. The addition of St. Germain makes this a sophisticated alternative to the run of the mill margarita and it is an incredibly refreshing addition to any get together, especially on a warm spring evening.

One of the best reasons to celebrate these holidays is the opportunity to spend time with friends – the people whose company you enjoy and look forward too. My Cinco de Mayo dinner party didn’t turn out exactly as I planned (there was going to be more food and other kind of margaritas) but at the end of the day it was perfect. We talked, laughed, reminisced and when I think of it that way, food and drinks are accessories that make the time you spend with the special people in your life even more special.

Be safe, enjoy your drinks and your friends!