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Original Drinks

NOLA Piña Colada – The Art of the Complex Cocktail

During a recent visit to New Orleans, I had the opportunity to visit one of the city’s best bars – The Empire Bar at Broussard’s where I was able to enjoy the amazing cocktails from bartender Paul Gustings. In addition to sampling… Continue Reading →

New Drink: Millionaire

Similar to a millionaire, this drink has it all. It’s savory, citrusy and sweet all at once, without anyone flavor dominating the other, and above all incredibly refreshing. This a perfect drink for a summer barbeque or to celebrate festive… Continue Reading →

New Drink : Tequila Desert

Like a summer breeze, this drink makes you feel like you would when you find an oasis in the Sahara or Gobi. It’s starts off fruity and mellow and is followed by the complex flavors of the Tequila and Bitters. Enjoy… Continue Reading →

New Drink : Passion Flower Cocktail

A complex and exotic drink that arouses your taste buds and excites your senses. It’s a delicious blend of citrus and two rich flavors, tangy passion fruit and floral rose. According to the creator you should try it as one of… Continue Reading →

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